8+ Best Backpage Alternative Websites in 2023

7+ Best Backpage Alternatives – Sites Like Backpage 2023

Backpage was shut down in early 2018 and it certainly was for very good reasons. Here, we have tried to put together a list of sites that have done a phenomenal job as for being Backpage alternatives. Some of these sites have been around for a long time and they are great replacements as long as your aim is to land a common local classified ads site.

The Backpage and all its affiliated asset seem to have been ceased by authorizes and the chances of them ever coming back perhaps is at zero. Yet again, the list below can get you started as for finding local items or service. Happy shopping!

1. FreeAdsTime

Finding a reliable Backpage alternative has been rather challenging and this is what FreeAdsTime has focused on. It has done a phenomenal job in meeting the expectations of most people as for their classifieds needs. It enables both buyers and sellers to browse through a wide range of categories to land what they’re after for.

Also, a good number of countries are supported by it and you most likely will come across every major city through it. This is the place to be if you’re in the market for a Backpage alternative. It’s basically a local classified ads site and it can’t really get any more local than this.

2. FinderMaster

The name of this classified ads site does really point out what it is capable of. It literally is a finder master as you can find almost anything on it within minutes. Not only finding ads are easy but also it just has the whole world cities or regions listed on it.

Yes, you heard it right. Its website builders had a nice taste as for choosing which areas should be supported. They’ve gone all in on this classified ads site as it’s just almost impossible to find a city on earth that’s not listed on their site. Also, the whole map feature just makes the browsing experience that much more pleasant.

3. WallClassifieds

A common practice before Backpage was to post ads on walls. This classified ads site is not only a Backpage alternative, but it also is an alternative to how classifieds worked many years ago. I’m sure most of us appreciate the fact that we don’t use walls for our advertisements needs and what’s not to like about a site that carries this memory.

It has a modern look and it’s a must-see Backpage alternative. Go ahead and give them a visit now and try their search for finding listings near you.

4. AdvertiseEra

Almost every English-speaking country and city are listed on this classified ads site. Also, a large number of categories and subcategories are provided to ensure that your experience is nothing but great when visiting this site.

Yet again, coming across perfect user experience and ensuring that you have found what you were after are examples of what you can expect to get from this website. This is another must-see website for anyone who is in the market to find a Backpage alternative. Check it out right now!

5. H1Ad

This short length domain name Backpage alternative will most likely have your vote after your first visit. Its name almost is the easiest one to remember among all classifieds as they’re not too many four letters classified ads websites laying around.

It looks modern and it has all the features that one may be after for placing or watching ads. The site is designed in a way that browsing through it is quite simple. Go ahead and visit them now!

6. GiganticList

The name says it all again. It is a gigantic classified ads site with a giant number of ads on it. You can browse through it for hours yet there will be more content waiting to be presented to you.

They don’t charge for posting ads in any of their categories and this is a piece of good news for both buyers and sellers. The sellers get to enjoy the luxury of saving money and the buyers get to have access to a larger number of ads as more sellers are convinced that you can’t go wrong for a free service.

7. RectangleAd

It seems we are not short of Backpage alternatives; however, spotting ones that are local, free, and easy to use are not as easy. RectangleAd had the word easy as their principle and it’s easy to spot this on their domain name.

Every ad you come across online on any website or app is literally within a rectangle and this is where its name has come from. It provides an easy to navigate environment for all parties and I’m sure most of us have nothing against word easy. Try them now!

8. ClassifiedsFactor

Most classifieds are ensuring that they have the latest designs, and this has not been the case with ClassifiedsFactor. It has had a different approach and it rather has been after what makes the experience for every visitor more enjoyable. Its aim has been to show what customers expect to see when they expect to see them.

The easier way to put this is that you can post an ad or land on an item by visiting less number of pages. They also have been focused around providing triple-A customer service and it certainly seems that it has been a success.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist doesn't really need an introduction; however, it might be interesting for some to know that this was where things started before the Backpage. It probably can be your best bet as for finding an online classified advertising site in States.

It is filled with ads from all over North America and it seems the ads are not being monitored and thoroughly. One thing they say is that if an ad looks too good to be true, that's probably the case and it should be avoided.