7+ Craigslist Alternatives for Selling in 2023

Craigslist alternatives - Websites similar to Craigslist

Craigslist was launched in the year 1994 almost before any other rising Craigslist alternatives that can be spotted today. Craigslist has been a leading classified ads site in the USA for so many years. An example would be seeing it's recommended by universities; however, many similar websites to Craigslist have been created and are being developed.

Consumers do like options when they deal with any service or product and this is why finding sites similar to Craigslist topic is rather popular. Also, many of us have had a phenomenal result from Craigslist and expanding to other classified ads site perhaps can enable us to grow our businesses even further.

We have gathered a number of alternatives to suit your classifieds need:

#1. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime grabbed my attention as the first classified ads site that is similar to Craigslist. It has done more as for having a larger number of categories to choose from as in a way they have three top sections or categories if you will. These three items are classifieds, business, and products.

When you select any of these three main sections, you'll be exposed to a large number of categories and subcategories related to its section. Of course, you'd need to choose your area before taking the other steps covered here.

The site allows you to post ads as a guest or as a member and the ads go live right after they're posted. What I understand is that they send you email confirmation if you post the ads as a guest so that you can modify the posted ads if needed. Members can just use the users' area dashboard to make changes if required. It's my #1 pick, try them today!

#2. WallClassifieds

This Craigslist alternative has taken a step further by almost covering every city and country on earth. This may be very well the reason that Craigslist is not the #1 classifieds in every country. They simply didn't cover every country out there.

They've been into the business for some time and a good number of ads can be spotted throughout the website. This simply can indicate that they have the traffic and it must be a good place to add more ads to it.

Generally, the classified ads websites with more ads can hint that they are more successful than other classifieds. This is good news for consumers and ad owners as they would enjoy the benefit of getting more exposure.

#3. AdvertiseEra

This website doesn't have as many categories or as many countries covered compared to other classified ads sites; however, this might not be a bad thing after all. Fewer choices sometimes can improve the user experience. This is a common practice when companies put bundle packages together. They try not to offer more than 3 options to choose from.

Their vision is to make browsing through classifieds less complicated. I tried them more than a few times and I'd say they might have got this right. For example, I didn't have to go through two different categories to spot cars and SUVs. They all were on one page and I had the option of using the search if I had to filter the results.

#4. GiganticList

Craigslist and GiganticList seem to be having the same second word. I mean how close can you get to a Craigslist alternative. One pointed out his name, the other one used an adjective. What's not to like about this.

There were other sites ending with word list; however, I chose the GiganticList as they were most relevant to this topic. They're a good fit if you're in the market of expanding your classifieds network.

#5. H1Ad

Their clean design and modern looking domain name and website were some of the reasons that the H1Ad landed on this list. I'd say posting ad on the mentioned pages up to this point should already give you a lot more exposure to what you have been getting.

I still have three more items on this page and it, of course, doesn't hurt to check them out as well. Yet again, if you post your ads even up to this H1Ad site, you should be set.

#6. FinderMaster

It deserved to be in a higher position on this page as it almost does exactly what Craigslist does. I wasn't able to spot a feature that was not being offered by it comparing to other classifieds. I still couldn't really move it to a higher position as it probably would have not been fair to the other items on this list.

I'd recommend you to click on the flag icon they have above their page and check out the number of countries they cover. It just amazes you when you think of the amount of programming that has gone behind these websites. Visit it now!

#7. ClassifiedsFactor

It is one of the sites that gets ranked well in search engines and it has been mentioned on a good number of websites. This classified ads site doesn't really have the look that I was hoping it'd have; however, it is a popular one and I had to include it.

It reminds me of Craigslist in a way as its design has remained very simple from the day it was started. ClassifiedsFactor might have the same approach as it seems improving the look is not their priority number one.

#8. RectangleAd

This one is rather a newer site; however, our aim is to make sure the new developers' work is being paid off as well by being recognized for their hard work.

Check them out and let us know what you think and do please let us know if you believe other websites should be added to this list here.

We are always open to hear from you and please make sure to be as specific as possible as to why you believe the site you have in mind should be listed here on this page.